Al-Issa emphasizes the role of followers of religions in making peace

ROME — The Secretary General of the Muslim World League (MWL) and President of the Association of Muslim Scholars Dr. Mohammed Bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa took part in the opening session of the “International Meeting of Dialogue and Prayer for Peace” along with Italian President Sergio Mattarella and French President Emmanuel Macron, taking place in the Italian capital of Rome.

The event is being held with the support of the Vatican and the participation of the Pope, prominent religious leaders and representatives of peoples and cultures from around the world, as well as approximately 3,500 international figures. dr. Al-Issa is a representative of the efforts of Islamic diplomacy and the contributions of religious leadership in addressing contemporary problems.

Held under the theme: “A Cry for Peace”, this international gathering enjoys extensive global media coverage and a large international presence targeting prominent religious, intellectual and community leaders around the world. The Italian and French presidents participate as guests of honour.

The meeting includes 14 discussion forums, aimed at achieving integration between efforts to establish a stronger structure for dialogue and friendship between peoples and cultures.

In his speech, Dr. Al-Issa said that the values ​​of Islam support the alliance of civilizations, and pointed out the role of followers of religions in making peace, building the land and preserving it.

He warned against using religion to spread deceit and lies, and that anyone who possesses the truth should present it to others in the form of gifts, kindness and love.

He stressed that the MWL is based on respect for all and serving humanity, and spreading awareness of the importance of controlling religious emotions. — SPA

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