2023 Honda Civic Type R starts just under $44,000

The 2023 Honda Civic Type R has the most power of any Civic Type R in history (so far). It is also almost the most expensive offered in America to date. The base price is now $43,990 including the destination fee of $1,095. That’s barely $1,000 less than the Type R Limited Edition, which, as the name suggests, was a very limited edition.

This also makes the Type R more expensive than its new rival, the Toyota GR Corolla. The GR Corolla starts at $36,996 and has four-wheel drive. For $38,175, it adds mechanical locking differentials front and rear. Of course, we expect the Type R to be slightly lighter (the last regular Type R weighed 3,121 pounds over the base GR Corolla’s 3,252), and it does have a bit more power and torque. The Type R makes 15 more horsepower (315) and 37 pound-feet of torque (310). The Morizo ​​Edition Corolla closes the torque gap, but the Honda still has a 15 pound-feet advantage.

However, the Type R is still cheaper than the VW Golf R. The VW starts at $45,385. The Honda has just as much power and more torque than the VW. The VW does have four-wheel drive, but it’s even heavier than the Corolla at 3,404 pounds curb weight.

The Civic Type R 2023 will be available from dealers starting tomorrow. So if you have the scratch, you don’t have to wait long to get one.

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