2023 Honda Accord photos preview of the unveiling next month

Check it out, everyone – here’s a half-decent look at the next-gen 2023 Honda Accord. The few photos released today are a preview of what we’ll see in full next month, as Honda plans to unveil the new Accord sometime in November.

In these photos we get a glimpse of the front, rear and limited view of the interior. As you would expect from a totally new generation, all sheet metal looks like new. A much larger grille is present and the shield/bar design is gone, replaced by a more traditional looking mesh. Thin headlights sit just below the hood line with sharp DRLs highlighting them. The bumper looks quite plain and the hood has some subtle creases.

The rear LED taillights are very different from the current Accord, and they extend almost to a full width. Rather than being fully connected, the lights stop shortly before the Honda badge in the center, giving it a framed look. We can also tell that this particular Accord under review is the Hybrid model in Touring version by the badge on the back. Honda claims this Accord will have “a more responsive and fun hybrid powertrain” than the previous car. That’s nice to hear, although we still prefer to enjoy the current hybrid system in the Accord.

2023 Honda Accord Hybrid teaser

On the inside, Honda gives us a glimpse of a new 12.3-inch touchscreen going into the Accord. Honda says it’s the largest touchscreen in all of its cars ever, and the photo certainly emphasizes that fact. The software system that supports what’s on the screen is based on Google, Honda says, so the user interface seen here will also be totally new to Honda. We can already see that the native Google Maps is rocking as a navigation system. The Google Assistant and Play Store (app store) are also present in the tiles. Fortunately, a handy volume knob is still perfectly visible and sits just below the screen.

We can’t see the whole dash or center console design, but what we can see of it looks simple and classic Honda. The cluster appears to be an all-digital display, and although only a small corner of the vent is visible, the design has already intrigued us – will it be a massaged version of the Civic’s neat honeycomb look imitating the grille? We think so!

Stay tuned for more as the unveiling of the new Accord is not far off right now.

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